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When people are not allowed to discuss in the open, they go into the cellar and there a revolution is born! Your voice counts!! You are cordially invited to be a part of this great movement of voices toward a change in lives and systems. This is a non-religious, ethnic, racial, and tribal organization where people are seen and treated as equal not because they have to be so treated, but because that is what they are. Here we discuss issues affecting all aspects of life with a view to proffering positive and workable solutions. At Giantability platform, the use of derogatory statements and destructive criticisms are not condoned. It is a platform where all players play safe. You are welcome!!!

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Sunday 18th of March 2018 at 01:28:am


110 Kidnapped School Girls In Nigeria: Are The Countries Sharing Borders With Nigeria To Blame?

The problem of kidnapping of schoolgirls in the North East part of Nigeria is now taking a new dimension in terms of severity and it is alarming and unbearable. So the issue of concern now is to critically look into the roles of the neighboring...

Category : Crime

Date Posted : 2018-03-12

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