Ability in Disability


The Giantability TV is the TV production arm of our organization and to this end, highly educative, entertaining and edifying programs are to be made available through major social media outlets. We hope to keep you abreast of developments in relation to the program schedules and other relevant information as they unfold.

You are also invited to be part of this great move of God geared towards the final demolition of the kingdom of hell and to the glory of God.

"Then said the Lord unto me, thou has well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it." Jer. 1:12

3 General Tips for Overcoming the Challenges of Your Disability

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Pop Culture Surprise Phenomenon That Is, “This is Us”, Is Less About Them, As It is Us

Thousands upon millions of viewers are drawn each week to the series because it is a carefully crafted wordplay that is synonymous with the joyous trudging of life within today’s society. Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention writes, “The secret to ‘This Is Us’ is less about ogling some other, strange, dysfunctional family as it is about seeing in it our own…” Click here for more.

Marriage in America, It’s Under Attack – An Unflinching Commitment as the Bible Teaches Is Required

Marriage rates and statistics in America are shockingly awful. The fact is in 1970 80% of all adults were married. Today that statistic is hovering around 52%. Quite a startling change over the nearly 50 years. Yet it doesn’t take a village to restore a marriage so much as it takes a church. Martin Luther said, “There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” Click here for more.

“Let’s Get Married!!!”: Saying “I Do” Leads To Greater Happiness Study Finds

So you’ve got cold feet? Where’s your faith? God designed marriage to mirror His lasting promise to us-His covenant. And as it turns out, marriage is far more favorable for long term happiness than let’s say, “Hooking up”. So why not get married? Click here for more.

Woman Thought Dead Sees Jesus And Her Life Is Spared

Samiha, a woman of Cairo says Jesus was with her the entire time, after a terrorist’s suicide bombing in Egypt left her severely disfigured and expected to die. “She won’t survive doctors told her husband. Put on a list of dead victims, she was expected to die. Jesus Christ had other plans for her. Click here for more.