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Ability in Disability


Why Your Disability Will Not Matter When Preaching God’s Word

Why Your Disability Will Not Matter When Preaching God's Word

As Christian followers, one of your responsibilities is to preach God’s word to everyone. It is your task to introduce God, His Son, and His promise of salvation to the world. To carry out this particular task, ministers and volunteers go out to different places to spread the Good News. They teach catechism and provide basic understanding about who God is and what His plans are.

In words and in actions

Preaching God’s message does not only manifest in words. A Christian follower needs to walk the talk. As such, many people engage in charitable works through their chosen Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. They may donate certain amounts or goods. They may also perform volunteer work.

Their involvement in Non-Profit Organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana typically gives people the opportunity to talk to others about Christ and to also profess their faith through their actions.

The effect of a disability on the propagation of faith

When a disability strikes, that can be a time when a person’s faith is being tested. A physical disability may be limiting a person’s capability to proclaim God’s Good News to others. The individual may be having difficulties or may even unable to travel from one place to another for catechism.

Some individuals find themselves losing faith over their disabilities. They begin to question why they are in such a situation. As a result, they are not able to perform their task to propagate the faith.

What you can do

A disability should not hinder you from fulfilling your responsibilities as a Christian follower. There are plenty of things that you can do, such as:

  • You can continue to donate your spare resources to various organizations.

  • With the help of your family or local community or church, you can arrange for a bible study or group session in your own home. This way, you do not have to experience hassles when traveling to other places.

  • You can use online technology to talk to other members of your Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our responsibilities do not end when we have disabilities. Instead, God uses even those with physical limitations to be His instruments. At GIANTABILITY, we provide you with information about God and religion through various means, including our online services such as Livinghope Magazine and Giantability TV. If you have questions regarding how you can help in our cause, you are always free to call us at 317-291-9122 or 317-772-6421.

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