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When will you know that your emotions are appropriate? Emotional validation is a way of knowing if your emotions have been accepted or understood by others. According to verywellmind, emotional invalidation on the other hand, means a person’s emotional experiences have been rejected, ignored, or judged by others. You should bear in mind that emotional validation is not entirely about agreeing to somebody’s emotional experiences. Rather, it is about communicating to another person that you understand what they are feeling and not shaming them for feeling that way. Here are some other things you should know about emotional validation.

  1. Identify the emotion first.
    You can start off with a simple “How are you?” or “How are you feeling today”? For emotional validation to start, you should acknowledge the feelings of the person. You can also observe the person’s gestures and body language before asking them how they feel as of the moment. For instance, you might observe your loved one’s eyebrows meeting and they wouldn’t take a look at you. You might infer that they are angry. You may ask them the question “You seem angry. Am I right? Is that what’s going on?”
  2. Find out the source of the emotion.
    One question to ask a person who is feeling an intense kind of emotion is “Why do you feel this way?” It can also be the question “What made you feel this way?” These questions can initiate a conversation. It is not entirely necessary for you to comment on the source of the emotion. Acknowledging your friend or loved one’s feelings is already enough.
  3. Respond to the emotion.
    This does not mean that you will also turn angry if you see the person seems angry. Responding to the emotion means that you’re able to apologize if you’re part of the source of the individual’s emotion. Or, you may offer alternative solutions for your friend or loved one’s emotion to stabilize. If the individual feels happy, a simple “Congratulations! I’m happy for you.” is enough. If you’ve done something wrong to the person, you can say “I’m sorry if I made you feel that way”.
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When dealing with different kinds of people, you should be sharp in identifying their body language, gestures, and speech. You should be sensitive enough when interacting with them, most especially if you are a member of any Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. Helping people requires a lot of social skills and sensitivity.

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