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Do you desire the life of blessedness? Live in generosity. Generosity is the action or quality of a generous person. According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the generous person is noble, kindly, liberal in giving and characterized by abundant proportions. Can someone be truly generous in their lifetime? Thankfully, yes.

Being a charity organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, our team at GIANTABILITY has experienced in many occasions the priceless joy of being the channel kindness and generosity to the needs of others. The donations of our sponsors and help of our volunteers were given generously and continued to alleviate the conditions of our less privileged brethren. Hence we know generosity is not complicated. It does, however, begin with willingness. Let us share some simple ways you can practice to be generous:

  1. Give according to the receiver’s need.
    When you’re meeting the deepest need of another human being, you know you’ve touched and changed their lives for the better. If you have the intent to give, find a way to discern what they truly need. At times, it might be better to ask your receiver directly so that you can get the vital information firsthand.
  2. Receive appreciation.
    The essence of heartfelt generosity is in the relationship you have built with your receivers. For this reason, accepting gratitude and appreciation is essential so that you can truly celebrate the blessed rewards of generosity. When you receive their appreciation, you can feel a little bit closer with your receivers.
  3. Accept generosity from people.
    To nurture a generous attitude, it also helps if you learn to accept generosity from others. You see, being generous opens you to the realization that we need one another. So when someone offers to help, you wouldn’t go feeling ashamed about getting the help you need. Generosity allows you to experience the life that is meaningfully shared with others.
  4. Express appreciation of other’s generosity.
    They say that generosity is a kind of gift that keeps on giving. When someone is generous towards you, express full appreciation and gratitude by saying “thank you.” Don’t give in to the feeling of shame or discomfort. The life of generosity is like doing an exchanged gift – the more that you give, the more that you receive.
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In being a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we have seen the generosity of God being poured out to our ministry and advocacies through the years. As eyewitnesses of the abundance of God’s grace and goodness to those who live in generosity, we continue to encourage our donors and supporters to partner with us. We still continue to serve many less privileged brethren through our services as one of the non-profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana.

If your heart is touched to partner with us in our advocacy, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us.

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