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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Gratefulness That Lead to Wholehearted Service

Serving God should be out of your heart’s overflow. Service doesn’t mean you have to be in a ministry. Your service is what you intentionally do, think, decide, and speak to please God. And if you do serve Him in a ministry, you may perform before a crowd but aim to please an audience of … Continue reading

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Fire Up Hope in Every Situation

Hope puts you on the ground of believing that something good may happen. It serves as your reservoir of strength. Let tough times come to darken your way and hope will lead you on. Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana urges you to put hope in God. Once you do, your problems become less than a … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Prepare for Life’s Battles

You don’t have to fight all the battles thrown in your way. There are battles that matter and are intended for you. When you gain the wisdom to discern which ones are worth fighting for, you’ll reap the breakthroughs from them. Our charity organization in Indianapolis, Indiana believes that in dealing with battles, you need … Continue reading

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What Are the Right Places to Put Your Anchor?

In the 21st century, fear has become more of an illusion than a real phenomenon. For instance, we might overthink a situation, worry about what other people think, or simply get anxious about uncertainties in life. As a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe in how futile it is to continue living in anxiety. … Continue reading

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Fear Not and Take a Giant Leap of Faith

Sometimes, though Christians, it’s hard to believe what we cannot see. We tend to choose sitting on a boat rather than stretch our hands to hold that of Jesus’ and walk with Him in the surface of the ocean. And yet, though we may hold, storms cloud our vision and we drown. Just where do … Continue reading

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How to Be Revived from a Ministry Burnout

Ministry is a hands-on job that requires most of your time, energy, and emotions. Once you commit yourself to serve God through a certain ministry in the church, endurance, sacrifice, and trials come along with it. For a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, the ministry is not a self-made calling but divine. However, let’s face … Continue reading

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