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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Can Prayer Help If Your Teenager Is Depressed?

Depression is real but prayers can help you overcome it. If you’re a parent of a teenager going through depression, hold on to this hope. God will make things better for you and your child. As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we know that God can change lives. Let us be more prayerful so … Continue reading

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Everyday Godly Steps to Nurture a Lasting Marriage

As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we view marriage as a God-ordained commitment. Yet, many married couples today are facing challenges. From celebrities to our neighbor down the street, we can hear sad reports about divorce and separation. But, is there really a way that we can make our marriages last? Our answer is … Continue reading

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Why You Should Forgive

Our human relationships strengthen and build us for as long as we are able to nurture these well. While there are hurts and wrongs committed along the way, we can still choose to surpass their consequences through forgiveness. The ultimate reason why we ought to forgive is that God Himself did it to us. God … Continue reading

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Steps to Overcome Resentment and Enjoy Relationships

How do you know if you’re already being resentful? You will manifest the following signs: anger, willful unforgiveness, ungratefulness, and lack of empathy. Are you going through these issues lately? Do you know that being resentful can lead to bitterness, and makes you unhappy for as long as you don’t let them go? As a … Continue reading

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How Praying Without Ceasing Helps Overcome Struggles

Have you heard it said that struggling is human? Suffering and struggles indeed unite all people of the world. We may have different issues to go through every day, but the same feeling of struggle remains tormenting and disorienting. In our Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we face life’s struggles head on through prayer. We … Continue reading

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How to Find Comfort Amidst Challenging Times?

There is no place or time in this world that challenges and difficult experiences are not happening. That is one truth we all can agree in, isn’t it? Different people face their life’s problems differently. However, for us as a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe in the power and sovereignty of God to … Continue reading

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