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Category Archives: Editorial

Introducing The 20th Edition of Livinghope Magazine and it Content

CONTENT Cover Story   President Joe Biden: The man on a Rescue Mission Five Americans who are specialists in their areas of specialization and fit in for description as technocrat, wrote articles on the cover story. They are: Dr. Brian W. Grant, a clergy and psychologist, Dr. Henry J. Davis psychologist, Pastor Ron Bontrager, Senior … Continue reading

The 5-Finger Prayer Guide

How do you define prayer? As a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, our answer at GIANTABILITY is this: prayer is our communication with God. Communication is vital for people in a relationship. This means that when we pray, we’re establishing or expressing our desire to be in a relationship with God Almighty. Sometimes, however, we … Continue reading

3 General Tips for Overcoming the Challenges of Your Disability

A lot of people are born with handicaps. There are also those who are currently suffering from disabilities as a result of a disease or an accident. Whatever the case may be, living with a disability can be taxing. You will need to adjust to your new situation accordingly. Adjusting that you will have to … Continue reading

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