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A nonprofit Christian agency, New Hope Family Service which sued New York State have on Tuesday appeared before a federal court in an effort to stop the state from putting it out of business.

CBN news reports that the agency had earlier asked the court to stop the state from targeting it for its religious beliefs and to aid the agency maintain its right in giving children to homes for adoption during the lawsuit with the state.

New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) had reviewed the agency’s policy, stating that prioritizing the placement of children in homes with married mothers and fathers is discriminatory.

OCFS wrote a letter to the agency saying, “It was found that the agency’s policy pertaining to not placing ‘children with those who are living together without the benefit of marriage’ or ‘same-sex couples’ violates Title 18 NYCRR § 421.3, and is discriminatory and impermissible.

“Revise the present policy and continue the existing adoption program or fail to bring the policy into compliance with the regulation.
“OCFS will be unable to approve continuation of New Hope’s current adoption program and New Hope will be required to submit a close-out plan for the adoption program.”

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the organization representing New Hope stated that, “Every child deserves a permanent home with loving parents. For over 50 years, New Hope has served children and families throughout the state of New York by offering a comprehensive, ‘arm-around-the-shoulder’ ministry and walking with both birth parents and adoptive parents to place children in forever homes.
“Protecting this religious nonprofit does nothing to interfere with other adoption providers. Banishing New Hope as a faith-based adoption provider, however, means fewer kids will find permanent homes, fewer adoptive parents will ever welcome their new child, and fewer birth parents will enjoy the exceptional support that New Hope has offered for decades. In short, everyone loses if the government forces New Hope to shut down.” Legal Counse, Jeana Hallock from ADF said.

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