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Christian Covers for Secular Music

Whether vocal, instrumental, or both, music is made to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Not all people may have the same judgment on certain compositions. Some may have their favorite bands, soloists, duos, or choirs whose songs they’re always updated with. Others may have diverse preferences. No one can get wrong in their criteria of songs as judging music is subjective.

Nowadays, various songs are released, which, in a Christian point of view, are divided into two – Secular and Christian Music. Christian songs are played in the church while the secular ones are most likely not. While there’s a difference between the two, there seems to be an argument whether secular songs can be converted to Christian music; the most popular ways of which is changing the original lyrics to Christian ones. As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we address this question whether or not it is right to make Christian covers for secular songs.

First off, there is no such tune that is Christian or not. Secular and Christian songs only differ in lyrics. As such, we can only differentiate the two as having secular and Christian lyrics. When a song is dedicated to the Lord, it is for the Lord; vice versa. As a Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe that when a song is intended to minister to the spiritual needs of the people, whether they’re secular covers or originally for worshiping God, and that it benefits the whole church, they are songs that can be rightfully played in church.

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While non profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana like GIANTABILITY differ in judgment, what matters at the end of the day is that corporately, as a church, we worship God in spirit and truth.

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