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Founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, Paul Enenche, has recently called on Nigerians to entrust the Country to God.

Enenche revealed this information in a sermon at a “Day of Outreach and Prayers” for media practitioners and Journalists, adding “a lot of people are disappointed at the turn of things in the country, but we must all believe that hope is not lost. We must be optimistic and trust God for a better Nigeria.”

Dailytrust reports that the cleric cautioned Nigerians against negative perceptions, “It is dangerous to give up on Nigeria. We cannot risk that because this is the only country we have. We must keep hope alive.

“God, who brought us from yesterday into our today, will take us from our today into a tomorrow of answered prayers. If not for God and prayers, there will have been no Nigeria today; there are nations that did not face half of what Nigeria has faced and are today in serious turmoil.

“We must be grateful to God at all times for life and peace because there is always something to be grateful to God for.” He said.

He urged citizens to live their lives with eternity in view, “those who live by the sword shall die by the sword; a day of judgment shall definitely come. It doesn’t matter what you have, one day your heart will stop beating, your breath will stop, and blood will stop flowing from your veins.

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“When you are gone, nothing will follow you to your grave or to the life after. You will appear before your maker and what you killed to get will not be useful to you. After death comes judgment, everyone will face the Judge, God, an authority that cannot be influenced. A Judge that cannot be compromised and cannot be bribed, that day is coming for everyone because there is life after life.” He said.

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