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Fear Not and Take a Giant Leap of Faith

Sometimes, though Christians, it’s hard to believe what we cannot see. We tend to choose sitting on a boat rather than stretch our hands to hold that of Jesus’ and walk with Him in the surface of the ocean. And yet, though we may hold, storms cloud our vision and we drown. Just where do great and faithful Biblical characters root their faith? To the point of death execution, they continue to preach. Nowadays, where do we get that boldness? Non profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana urges you to set aside fear or doubts so you can take a giant leap of faith.

First off, have a correct perception of God. He is a living, omnipotent, omnipresent, and never-changing God. It all goes back to His Word. In reading the Bible, you will get to know who He really is and not what you perceive or want Him to be. Read and believe what the Bible says. A Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana will guide you in understanding the scriptures.

After knowing Him for who He is, have the right focus. Set your eyes on the heavens and not on your problems. Keep in mind that your God is greater than your struggles or seemingly impossible circumstances. When you fix your eyes on Jesus, like Stephen, nothing hurts and nothing really matters except God’s extraordinary love. As you build a quality relationship with God, bring others with you, too. A Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana will be at your side.

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