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Gratefulness That Lead to Wholehearted Service

Serving God should be out of your heart’s overflow. Service doesn’t mean you have to be in a ministry. Your service is what you intentionally do, think, decide, and speak to please God. And if you do serve Him in a ministry, you may perform before a crowd but aim to please an audience of One who is God. Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana points out the kind of gratefulness that lead you to serve God in the church or anywhere you’re at:

  • Gratefulness out of the acknowledgment
    You know that if it were not for Him, you would have still been living in the miry bog of sins. But here you are, thriving in pursuit of His holiness. It’s all by the grace of God that your life and mindset have changed. You may be depressed, oppressed by regrets, unforgiveness, or really have gone through physical hardships in life, but once you have gotten to know Him, everything seems faint in the light of Him and you learn to give like in a Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Gratefulness out of dependence
    You couldn’t have gotten this far but because of Jesus holding your hands in the journey, you are not alone. God is for you and not against. Sometimes, we don’t get what we want just because we don’t ask. Every time we make decisions, let’s acknowledge Him before everything else.
  • Gratefulness out of nothingness
    The grace of God gives us humility so we start to see that we came from nothing but still, he chose us. Like non profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana, you start from scratch but here you are brattling giants and winning them.
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