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Imo State Power Tussle In Nigeria.

[5/20, 22:18] Development Economist: FLASH "A Senate President must not have a voice of his own, he only voice out the opinion of the majority or take a position when there's a tie but this Saraki man is different, he wants to impose his wishes on the majority and when you talk, you are suspended or relieved of committee chairman. "This Senate is about Saraki and Dino,we don't have a Senate President, we have a Senators President.I knew Saraki may not be a good Senate President but I didn't envisage that he will be this bad.why will a Senate invite the IGP because Dino was arrested? "That is too low.Saraki has brought the Senate to the lowest level of integrity and I'm disappointed in him. "Did you read the heading of that Invitation Letter? "When I was arrested by the Police in the last Senate, David Mark only urged the Police to ensure that they do their due diligence, he said I remain a Senator until the court pronounce me guilty of any crime,that is honorable. I proved my innocence in court not on the floor of the Senate or by inviting the IGP, let everyone arrested prove his case in the law court. [5/20, 22:18] Development Economist: *Police in Imo turns criminals* I am so shocked at what happened to me this evening. I was driving through 3rd inland road in Owerri at about 9:50pm when an ash coloured toyota sienna conveying 5 policemen over took me and stopped, asking me to park. I parked and they asked me to come down. The next thing one of them did was to demand for my phone. I gave it to him. He scrolled through for over 18minuites and later asked me wait for him as he took my phone to their car. After 5mins again, he called me to Come collect my phone. Immediately I approached him, he asked one of his colleagues to search my car. Oga, I Don see exhibit oooooo!, his colleague shouted. I was full of surprise as I walked closer to my car to see what he claims to be an exhibit. Behold a pistol, the all surrounded me, calling me a thief. I told them I have never seen the gun in my life and that I was ready to go to the station with them to prove my innocence. One of them they call blacky took me to a corner and told me that he is the only one that could save me. He asked me to give them N150,000 and walk away or risk been jailed for possession of fire arm. At first, I pleaded to them to accept N50,000 as I was ready to make the transfer but they refused. The other man who scrolled through my phone earlier to me that I have a balance of N614,000 in my account and I want to risk my life because of mere N150,000. As God may have it, a lawyer friend of mine was driving pass through 3rd inland road heading towards full moon hotel. He saw me and stopped and I called him, Barrister! Am in trouble ooo. The policemen shouted down at me and asked the barrister to go his way that they will settle with me. But the barrister persisted to know what the problem was. The blacky of the guy who quickly called me aside again asking me to make the N50,000. At this time, I had already began to summon courage having seen my barrister friend around. Immediately I tried explaining the matter to barrister Jude, the policemen hurriedly entered their Sienna and drove Away. Sincerely I don't know what policemen in Owerri are turning into. Everybody should be at alert now. The police are nolonger our friends but criminals. By Abraham.

By: Mickey Oro Ugbonwa

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