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An Illinois high school student said his Valedictorian speech was censored at the last minute because school administrators found out he planned to reference Jesus Christ. Sam Blackledge was named Valedictorian at West Prairie High School in Sciota, west of Peoria, and had prepared a speech for his commencement ceremony, he told Fox & Friends. Blackledge said that ten minutes before he was to give that speech, the principal of the school asked to read it and thereafter told him it was "inappropriate for the setting." To respect their wishes, I just gave a few [other] remarks," Blackledge said. Jeremy Dys, a counsel for First Liberty Institute, which is representing Blackledge, said he sent a letter to the school demanding an apology and change the policy that censored the references to religion. "We hope to avoid the court," Dys said. Pete Hegseth asked Blackledge what reference to Christ he was going to make. Blackledge said his speech was going to say something to the effect of, "in life we search for all these satisfactions [but] only Christ can supply these things."

By: Mickey Oro Ugbonwa

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