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Kerala's noted oncologist (Specialist Doctor in cancer) and Dr. P.V. Gangadharan, who is fondly referred to as ‘Saint with a Stethoscope’ says: (1) Avoid sugar. Cancer does not spread without sugar. Cancer will die on its own without sugar. (2) Take a full lime and squeeze it into luke warm water. Take this for one to three months before breakfast. Maryland college of medicine says this is 1000 times more effective than chemotherapy. (3) Take three spoons of organic or virgin coconut oil early morning and in the night to keep cancer at bay. Make one of these choices, but be sure to avoid sugar. I have been trying to spread this message for the last two years. Be sure to forward this important message. Avoid cancer. Dr. P. V. Gangadharan

By: Abraham Giantability Media Officer

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