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Medical expert and family physician Doctor Benjamin Olowojebutu has warned men against breast cancer, advising them to regularly go for checkups as the ailment also exists in men, though rarely. The doctor gave the advice on Tuesday during a TV programme monitored by Livinghope Magazine stating that he has treated two to three cases of such recently. Speaking experientially, he advised men to visit the hospital, especially when there are signs of sore on the breast, adding that assumption of it being a boil should be avoided to be on a safer side. He further elaborated on the female breast organ, saying the breast lump is called ‘fibroadenoma,’ a benign tumor, also known as benign mass, in the breast, making it necessary that the female breast should be checked medically to confirm that the breast is cancer free. The medical expert explained the whole process by saying, “If the breast shape and mass changes it can be cancerous, but if the mass is just there as a mass in the breast and there is no deformity of the breast structure then a test should be carried out to confirm that it is a benign mass and confirm it's cancer free.” In cases where people have lumps that come and go, medical checks are still necessary to determine the mass size in the breast. He said, “If the mass is less than 2cl it is not a problem but in cases where it is 5 to 6cl and comes with small pain also well as an existing family history of cancerous breast lumps then medical steps should be taken regularly.” To clarify thoughts, Jebutu explained that menstrual hormones do not grow into lumps, they only aid the benign mass becoming bigger as a result of changes in the body at this period. “The benign mass was 2cl before it could change as a result of menstrual cycle. That is why the lump at 5cl should be removed and tested to help identify if it is the benign tumor or cancer.” He observed that in previous years, cases of cancer were common amongst women at the ages of 40 through 45 and above, but now it occurs a lot among young ladies of 25 through 28 years. The family physician advocated for frequent medical checks with a good doctor because it helps identify cancer cases at the early stage as well as commence treatment on time. By Anne Bassey

By: Administrator

Babajide Oyetoro Posted on 2018-08-01

It\'s surprising to hear that men can also have breast cancer. I pray God continues to protect us. Amen

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