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American Adventurer Killed by Tribe Was Christian Missionary

An American Christian has been killed by an isolated Indian island tribe. His notes said "Do not blame the natives if I am killed". Visits to India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands are heavily restricted as the people resists outsiders, often attacking anyone who comes near. Despite this, John Allen Chau from Alabama decided to go there, with the help of seven fishermen who helped him get there and whom have now been arrested for doing so. He described himself in his twitter bio as: "Adventurer. Explorer. Wild. Kingdom Seeker." and had been a student with Oral Roberts University missions in the past, an evangelistic organisation. William Wilson, President of ORU missions, said: "We are not surprised that John would reach out to these isolated people to share God's love". Police said Mr Chau arrived in the region on 16th October and stayed in a hotel while he prepared to visit the prohibited island. He was apparently killed by arrows, but the cause of death cannot be confirmed until his body is recovered. Police have approached anthropologists with contacts on the island in an effort to visit and recover the body. He interacted with some of the tribes people, giving them gifts he had prepared such as a football and fish. But the tribes people became angry and shot an arrow at him which apparently hit a book he was carrying CNN report that one of his friends, John Middleton Ramsey, said: "I see him as a martyr, "He was someone who died out of love for these people to bring the good news of Jesus Christ."

By: Olatimehin Ololade

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