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2019: Clergy Predicts Occurrence of Black Day

General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI), Bishop Emmah Gospel Isong has predicted that Nigeria would experience black day in 2019. Isong said, “Pray that this day does not come where there will be a serious security challenge in a part of this nation and curfew will be declared and people will be rushing and buying things in bulk to store because of the road to markets would be closed. “There will be internal security crises in some parts of the country and it will be physical and people will complain of several road blocks in several areas, movement shall be restricted, but the church needs to rise up and pray, that this issue should go for ever. “What a black day! There will be continuous engagement of minor in voting, several voters’ cards, and several ballots cards would be voided because of minor and under age voting.” Leadership reports that the cleric had cautioned that if precautionary measure were not taken by authority concerned, security situation of the nation would be put in jeopardy by enemy of peace. He said there would be massive fraud in the elections which would be condemned by the international communities, “In the midst of this, and in the course of prayer, a Moses, as said by the Lord, a selfless leader will emerge, a leader who will lead the people out of bondage. “He will open the gate of wealth. He will lift up the wrath of authority, so shall it be. The lord said in 2019 because of your faith, and your faithfulness bombarding heaven, He said, every prayer we would pray this year, the Lord shall give us more than you asked. He pointed out that Nigeria shall be safe if the people of Nigeria always lift up the nation up. The lord said always pray for the flag of Nigeria. “There is a spiritual history and as we continually pray, that York on the nation which is in the flag shall be broken.” Isong said. He said the controversies between government and labor about minimum wages would be led to rest, “On workers remuneration, the thing has become a document and now instituted, and the remunerations are now gazette. Commando case against certain Nollywood stars and people in the music industry attracting negative press, some of these guys they need to give their lives to Jesus. “Another notorious kidnappers den shall be unruffled and raided and exposed. The wife of one of the Governorship candidates in the coming gubernatorial election shall be in danger. Someone is planning to attack wife of one of the gubernatorial candidates.” The cleric said. He added “Much prayer is also needed for the people of Anambra state. It shall boil like hot oil but Jesus shall quenched it like ice water. “A certain plaque in form of sickness to be release into the air across the West African and the East African Coast, especially Nigeria is being warned by United Nations the symptoms are like cough but is more dangerous like Ebola. “Bauchi state also needs divine intervention through special prayer, we pray that the prayer of the saint will quench the trouble in that state. A further issue of Islamization, a father of faith and his mega ministry shall be accused by fellow Nigerians of facilitating and helping Islamization with finances, he denied through his voice through words of faith.” The Clergy further called on Nigerians to pray for 11 of January 2019, “Pray for cross river state especially Akpabuyo, Akpabuyo shall be remembered in the scheme of things. Pray and cover Itu in Akwa Ibom State with the blood of Jesus. “The Lord said when Itu is covered by the blood of Jesus; it shall not be covered by the blood of men. 2019 elections shall be full of surprises it shall be like a coat of many colors. “In 2019 we need to buy an umbrella, sell your shoes and buy umbrella. 2019 shall continue to be a year of awards and good will. Keep aside what Nigeria is facing.”

By: Anne Clement Bassey

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