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Gov. Emmanuel surrenders 2nd term bid to God

Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, has decided to hand over his re-election bid to God, adding that God alone can guarantee power. The Governor in his New Year message told people of the state not to be overly concerned over the violent plot of the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC), saying that God’s plan for the state would not be overcome by mere tricks of man. Blueprint reports that Emmanuel while Speaking at the solemn Assembly with the theme “You are God, you alone” organized to usher in the New Year and hand it to God at Ibom Hall grounds, Emmanuel said not even the much vaunted deployment of federal mighty by the opposition would stand. He said it was disgraceful that some leaders of the state could sit and struck a deal to mortgage the future of the state and imperil the future of the younger ones. According to the governor, “This land is named after God, Akwa Abasi Ibom state, and He alone dictates, arranges manages, defines and shapes what happens here. “No instrument of man can change the course of God’s plan for our state and our people. No devices of man or the naysayers, their lies, their much vaunted Warsaw battle cry, their promise to deploy federal mighty to forcefully take over our state will stand. “My dear Akwa Ibom people, it is shameful that our so-called leaders can sit and enter into deals to mortgage the future of Akwa Ibom state and imperil the future our children just to gain power and they have the audacity to come and tell you they are working to protect your interest”. The Governor wondered how an ordinary mortal could come to them and promised they have answers to their problems and that they alone could determine their destiny in the state. “For some time now, men, I mean mere mortals have told you they alone can determine the course of your destiny. They have told you they alone have answers to your problem. “They have told you if you fail to follow their laid down rules or travel the path they have charted for you, that they will visit violence on you and your children. Do they know that the children they want to use to unleash their planned violence are your children?” Udom asked. Also speaking at the event was President and Founder of Revival Valley Ministries, Idem Ikon in his sermon, called Akwa Ibom people to remain faithful to God adding that God would do great things for them in the New Year.

By: Anne Clement Bassey

Roland Aibangbee Posted on 2019-01-08

It\'s the same plan everywhere. They are desperately ready to unleash mayhem on the opposition controlled states. Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Benue, Kwara and Sokoto will be turned into battlefield. But, they should not forget that it\'s God that gives power.

Anne Clement Bassey 2019-01-08

as you said \"God gives power\" and that is enough to dismiss every fear.

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