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Ronnie Floyd Set To Leave Church, Lead SBC Executive Committee

Pastor of Arkansas megachurch, Ronnie Floyd has revealed he will step down from his pastoral role and lead the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. Floyd revealed the information to ChristianPost recently, he said “We sought the Lord, through prayer, fasting, and really believe that God, really, this time, issued a call to [me and wife], and that we needed to be willing to put ourselves under the authority of the process of letting ourselves be looked at by the committee. “We asked the Lord for a declarative vote, and it was way overwhelming. … So I'm very, very grateful for that. And we accepted it. This coming Sunday, I am resigning after 32 and a half years [of ministry in Northwest Arkansas.” Floyd, who was instrumental in forming what is now known as the multicampus Cross Church and a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, is said to have baptized over 18,000 people. He will take over a role that was vacated over a year ago by former Executive Committee President Frank Page. Page stepped down citing an "inappropriate relationship.” He had served as president of the Nashville-based Executive Committee since 2010. Floyd explained that he obviously has strong emotions about leaving Cross Church, informing the congregation last Sunday that he was nominated for the role and his eventual departure could be possible. A few days later, it became a reality via a 68 to one vote at a meeting of Executive Committee trustees in Dallas on Tuesday. After making the announcement Sunday, Floyd explained that he heard from congregants' testimonies of how his ministry has impacted their lives and walks with the Lord. Floyd, who also heads up the National Day of Prayer Task Force, told CP that he initially went and interviewed for the position the week after Thanksgiving. It was in February that Floyd received a call informing him that the committee wanted him to be the next president. As leadership transitions at larger churches can sometimes be difficult, Floyd explained that the board of directors at the four-campus, over 8,000-member Cross Church, has been discussing for over two years how to handle the day that the 63-year-old Floyd either got called away or would no longer be able to pastor. “And so we have we have a succession plan that will kick in the order here with the church.Talking to the church about that, I told them Sunday that we have been planning this for the last two years plus and I will let them know more in the future, depending on what happened this week.” Floyd said. Considering his predecessor as head of the SBC Executive Committee left the position due to a moral failing, Floyd assured that he takes accountability measures to keep his walk with the Lord pure.

By: Anne Clement Bassey

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