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How Praying Without Ceasing Helps Overcome Struggles

Have you heard it said that struggling is human? Suffering and struggles indeed unite all people of the world. We may have different issues to go through every day, but the same feeling of struggle remains tormenting and disorienting.

In our Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we face life’s struggles head on through prayer. We recognize that our God Almighty, the same God who created the heavens and the earth in the beginning, remains powerful enough to enable us in overcoming our present struggles. Prayer is our way to make these petitions and concerns be presented to God, not that God is unable to hear and see us, but so that we continue to acknowledge that He does see and hear us.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we have the short, simple, and yet strong reminder to “pray without ceasing”. In between these words are the admonition to be joyful and to give thanks to God whatever the situation or condition in life. According to St. Paul who penned these words, praying in this manner, along with rejoicing and giving thanks, is God’s will for His people.

This attitude towards prayer is very vital especially when we’re praying in the midst of our struggles. When we pray continually, we are also doing the following:

  • Being Steady in Faith
    Praying to our God requires faith to believe that even when the happenings around us are not the things we want to happen, God is going to work out something greater out of these situations. As we continue to pray despite our struggles, we make this declaration of faith time and again.
  • Asking for Help
    As we pray, we also recognize that we are helpless on our own and that only the One we’re praying to can help us. With this recognition, we are elevating the power of Him to whom we’re praying. This is why in our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we put great value in prayers.
  • Surrendering Our Will
    Life’s problems have a way of showing us that not all our will prevails. We are not always in control of our lives. As we pray to God, we’re letting go of this sense of control and just allow God to make His powerful interventions in our situations.
  • Changing Our Heart
    For many of us, we might have thought that praying is our way of asking for God to change His heart for our situations. What we don’t realize is that the more we pray, the more that we get to seek what God really wants, and in the process, our hearts are changed towards His will.
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Our role as a non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana involves reaching to many people in their life’s struggles so they will find hope and help in God Almighty. Hence, we provide high importance on prayer because we know that God alone provides the best answers to our prayers.

If you’re seeking more inspiration about prayers or about God, contact us at GIANTABILITY.

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