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How to Find Comfort Amidst Challenging Times?

There is no place or time in this world that challenges and difficult experiences are not happening. That is one truth we all can agree in, isn’t it? Different people face their life’s problems differently. However, for us as a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe in the power and sovereignty of God to enable us in making these challenges more manageable to overcome.

We believe that our greatest comfort in life, no matter how big or small the challenge, is God alone. Through His Son Jesus Christ, we are given the hope of eternal life, to which we can look ahead and rejoice in, knowing that all we encounter in this world are only temporary. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has shown us time and again that all the challenges in this life are only for this time being, but eternity is in the Lord.

With that, we hope you can be empowered in the following reminders of how to experience comfort when you go through the rough seasons.

  • PRAY
    Prayer is only as powerful as the Person or Being you’re making your prayers to. In our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we’ve also been through countless challenges and difficulties. However, all through these seasons, we remain to cling on to God Almighty, Him who created the heavens and the earth. We know that our prayer is powerful because He is powerful. He is able to answer our prayers and grant us our needs, perhaps not in the exact package that we want, but always in the exact intention that He desires. Isn’t it comforting, then, to know that God is there to hear out and answer our prayers?
    The presence and company of people who can provide you with wise counsel and enduring support can be a great comfort indeed. There are events in life that can only be comforted in the company of someone who is willing to listen and empathize with your pains. However, not all people have the gift to give this kind of support. So be extra mindful who you want to be with when you’re in the difficult days. What we know in our non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, however, is that, when we share our life’s burdens with people who fear God, we can be directed to His comforting presence.
    Spending time alone and reflecting on your life, your experiences, and what you’ve learned so far, you can also be comforted amid your difficult challenges. Meditation, especially on God’s Word, can be of great help to reorient yourself towards what truly matters. With this recognition, you will see that even our troubles don’t affect us in eternity.

What challenges are you facing today? What did you do about them? Who do you talk to about these? If you need someone to pray with you, don’t hesitate to contact us at GIANTABILITY. We’ll be here to pray with and for you.

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