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How much do you dislike a conflict? That’s right. No one probably in their right mind would excitedly engage in a disagreement, which can potentially result in bitterness, violence, and heartaches. If you’re a professing follower of Christ Jesus, all the more that conflict should not be in your vocabulary. However, human as we are, we encounter disagreements whether we like them or not. But for Christians, conflicts should be an opportunity to pursue the peace of Christ.

It’s our dearly held belief here at GIANTABILITY as a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana that pursuing the peace of Christ in the midst of a conflict is possible. Jesus himself set such example in the Bible. In the hour of wrong accusations and unjust crucifixion, he cried out forgiveness for his tormentors. So we would like to share the Christian qualities that can make conflict fizzle out as soon as it sparks.

  • Gentleness
    In Proverbs 15:1, God’s people are taught that the gentle answer to every argument can dispel wrath. Try answering someone with a gentle statement, or a gently-delivered reply. Observe how the other person will relax in their angered disposition. If you say you’re not really a gentle person, that’s also true. In fact, no person can exhibit gentleness unless they ask for God’s intervention. Before you exercise gentleness, ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to empower you and grant you the strength to speak as gently as you should.
  • Empathy
    One effective way you can learn to be gentle with the other party is when you empathize with them. Think of yourself in their shoes. What is the core reason why the hurtful statement was said? Is the person going through a mental trouble? Has the person been broken-hearted lately? When you can see your disagreement in the eyes of the other person, you’ll understand why they have to react the way they did. As a result, you can mellow down in your own reaction. When you do this, you’re also exhibiting compassion, which is a reflection of the character of Christ.
  • Grace
    In the Christian context, grace is God’s favor of love and salvation given to sinners who don’t deserve any of it. When a person becomes a follower of Christ, they are expected to carry that same torch towards others. In the scene of conflict, a Christian can extend grace by choosing forgiveness over the hurt. This doesn’t mean that justice should not be carried out. But in your heart of hearts, you know that forgiveness should be given even when the other person did not ask for or deserve it.
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Always remember that because Christ is in you, you are already a person of peace and love. This is the same peace and love of Christ that we seek to extend to others in all our advocacies as a charity organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you’d like to be a vessel of Christ’s love, contact us anytime.

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