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How to Inspire Your Child to Read the Bible

For many people, the Bible is considered as the manual of life. Even when one doesn’t consider themselves as religious individuals, they can still find a great threshold of life’s treasures written therein. So, to inspire your child to read this wonderful resource is a great investment indeed. Being a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we advocate for the diligent reading and study of the Bible. We believe that this is something you can also influence your household with.

Here are helpful ideas you can inspire your children to also read the Bible.

  • Read to Them
    While your little ones are still trying to get to know the world around them, the concept of reading may not be very appealing. However, when you read to them, they are being presented with an opportunity to spend more time with you. For children, there’s a sense of security and comfort in being always with you. When they associate this with reading the Bible, they can be inspired to read it for themselves later on.
  • Give Them Bible Stories
    Children are also easily fascinated with storybooks, with their caricatures, and simple words. Bible stories are also in these versions, so make sure your home has supplies of Bible-based stories. When they have easy access to these storybooks, it can be easier for them to be interested to read.
  • Show Them That You Read
    Your example in reading the Bible can go a long way when it comes to inspiring your children to read on their own. Set yourself as an example of reading the Bible. As a religious Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we recognize that the parents’ example presents a subconscious influence in a child’s overall development.
  • Let Them Attend Bible Storytelling
    Bring your child to activities and children’s gatherings where Bible stories are being told. In these gatherings, they can witness other people reading and narrating stories from the Bible with much enthusiasm and excitement. This kind of attitude can be a great inspiration for children, especially in realizing that the contents in the Bible can be filled with so much fun to read.
  • Abide by the Bible’s Teachings
    When applied to daily life, the principles taught in the Bible are life-changing. The greatest influence in your child’s life happens when they see you living out the life-giving impact of reading the Bible. They will see real changes in their parents, and this can help them see that there’s something in the Bible that’s worth checking out.
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Bible reading can be an exciting experience for children when you are able to pass on this attitude. As a non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we also acknowledge the potential of this life-long investment in the life of your child. So we encourage you to plant seeds of love and influence in Bible reading in their hearts and one day, you will reap the harvest of love.

To learn more about the Bible, ask us at GIANTABILITY.

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