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What makes human beings human and different from animals includes the ability not only to think constructively but also to adjust to situations and happenings around them with the required action necessary to bring about a change where and whenever it is desirable. Let me say admittedly that I belong to the generation that has failed our youths. Nonetheless, I believe I still have the audacity and what it takes to instruct the younger generation of what is needed to avoid the mistakes of the past in order to correct the present situation that ushers them into a world of their dreams.

The older generation, which is my constituency, I will say did not intentionally or deliberately choose to fail but for lack of preparation to succeed. For those who fail to prepare prepare to fail. It is therefore incumbent on us to sound this warning to the younger generation that it is not enough to understand the times and seasons, but it is more important to know what ought to be done, and now is the time to do something in order to take their destinies in their own hands.

There is no significant point, stage, or line that one needs to cross to move from the short run to the long run periods of development or production as the economists would prefer to say. Times just fly, and change is not rocket science. What the youths need to be careful of first and foremost are the activities of the spokespersons of the presidential aspirants of the two major political parties of the APC and PDP who are not different from a trumpet that depends majorly on the input of the trumpeter. Remember the saying that he who pays the piper dictates the tune. The same wisdom applies to the saying that the trumpet has no thoughts or messages to deliver other than those of the trumpeter. Bear in mind also that the trumpet is designed to bring out sounds that will appeal to your ears and your sense of hearing. However, to those who are perceptive and ready to take their destinies into their hands, the sense of hearing alone takes you nowhere outside the sense of sight. You have seen enough, the evils that have been perpetrated against you and your generation, than for any soothsayer to push you into running helter skelter, for what you hear, you can doubt, but what you see is real and cannot be doubted.

Some of the media houses, especially the mainstream television stations, and with particular reference to Channels TV, are called upon to help in changing the narratives as they invite the presidential aspirants themselves and at all times to speak for themselves. The youths should be made to realize that they have what it takes to bring about a permanent change in the country that they have as their own, for now, and the only way to getting that done is through innovation and the determination to bring about the desired change. Any idea presented to Nigerians that has to do with the Northern presidency as well as the Muslim-Muslim ticket is a ship that will definitely sink in the sea. Things already have gone wrong in the country, and the only way by which the youths can recover and be restored is by not going with them.

Nigeria is already a failed state for lack of capacity and capability on the part of the leaders of the APC under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari, who is the best that the North had and still has to produce, going the route of the North is misleading and an effort that will yield no good to Nigerians. The state is not devoid of the democratic process as well as the rules or loss that legitimized leadership, but what is lacking is capacity and capability of the leaders from the North.

The Muslim-Muslim ticket of the APC presidential aspirant, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, is also satanic, demonic, as well as a disaster. Hence the renting of fake bishops who appeared in bishops robes at the unveiling of the vice-presidential candidate of the party in Abuja, an action that has been widely condemned nationally as well as internationally.

Peter Obi

Who is oblivious of the fact that any house that is built on lies will not stand the test of time and will end up crashing? The APC as a party has already failed and has nothing to offer to Nigerians again, and hence the lies and excuses. If there is any way to pull the country out of its present political quagmire and the dungeon, the only candidate that can be tried is the former governor of Anambra State in person of Mr. Peter Obi. For the record, Mr. Festus Keyamu in an interview on Channels TV on Politics Today declared categorically that Mr. Peter Obi is far ahead of the presidential candidate of PDP, Mr. Atiku Abubakar. With that confession, the only candidate who can deliver on the job is Mr. Peter Obi of the Labor Party.

Putting away all sentiments, Nigeria, we should understand, is not for only the Hausa-Fulanis, the Yorubas, and the people of South-South. The Igbos, the Southeasterners are equals and owners of the country called Nigeria, and in fairness to them, and against all divisive and misleading permutations, the only candidate of the South-Eastern extraction that is most qualified at this time is Mr. Peter Obi. Anything short of this choice is bad and retrogressive.

On a final note, bear in mind that the generation of the younger ones begins from now, and a miss is as good as a mile. God help the Nigerian youths.

You may wish to share this amongst yourselves and don’t forget to enlighten us, your parents.

Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju

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