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Bishop of Owo Diocese, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Rev Stephen Ayodeji Fagbemi has said that the nations’ problems are self-inflicted.

Bishop Fagbemi made the comment during the 3rd session of the 12th assembly of the diocese of Owo. He blamed Nigerian leaders for lacking the ability to identify and understand the agitation of Nigerians as well as their failure to proffer appropriate solutions to them.

The Cleric said, “The country would continue to struggle until the nation is blessed with a government and leaders who understand the problems of its people and willing to proffer effective solution to the problems regardless of how one section of the country might feel about it.”

“It is a matter of great concern that our dear country continues to suffer from all kinds of problems, most of which are self-inflicted, While many countries that gained independence about the same time with us have since settled, we have continued to struggle to the extent that sustainable development remains a mirage. Some 18 years after the military incursion into our politics, we have not made any significant progress. Politicians break their covenant at will; rights of the ordinary citizens are not respected or upheld. The masses continue to wallow in poverty,” he added.

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Fagbemi explained that corruption continues to increase even though our government claims to be fighting corruption. He appealed to Mr. President not to relent in his anti-corruption crusade. He however, expressed doubt over the sincerity of the fight against corruption.

Source: Naija Church News

By Anne Bassey


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  1. […] Problems are in categories and apportioning blames should also be in the order of hierarchy because it takes the one with a lion’s heart to have the lion’s share of anything and to whom that much is given, much is also expected. The situation of things in the world today calls for a sober reflection and we don’t have to be blind to see because the world of the blind is limited by the touch of his hand and therefore whatever it is that can deceive the blind man’s walking stick automatically has deceived the blind man. We have our eyes to see with, but unfortunately rather than see with them we only look with them. May God open both our spiritual and physical eyes to see, for as far as we can see so much can we possess. […]

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