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Why Your Time is Worth Reading our LivingHope Magazine

Is there a secret to being inspired? As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we daresay that our ultimate source of inspiration is our God Almighty. After all, everything good comes from Him in abundance. However, we’re also called to be a channel of inspiration to others. Here at GIANTABILITY, we pay serious attention to uplifting our fellow citizens. One way we strive to spread inspiration is through the different stories we feature in our LivingHope Magazine.

If you haven’t been engaged in inspirational readings lately, let us open your eyes. Consider the following:

  • Establish a Healthy Mindset
    Would you agree that your mind is very powerful? It is. So much so that everything you do is decided by your mind. Our choices are determined by what we think about. In other words, what we allow to linger in our minds are things that can influence our words and actions. If you intend to be an inspiring person, someone who can uplift others, then nurture a healthy mindset. Feed your mind with inspirational thoughts through good books, motivational literature, and even uplifting audio messages.
  • Empowers Oneself
    Along with enhancing your mindset, you can also be empowered or disempowered by what you read. Choose to be empowered instead by filling your mind with healthy and inspirational ideas. In our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we advocate for support and empowerment, especially for the underprivileged members of the society. We believe that aside from helping out in practical methods, empowerment is also achieved with nurturing a healthy mindset.
  • Positive Influence on Action
    As previously mentioned, your thoughts direct your actions. In this concept, our reading interests can greatly influence the activities we do on daily basis. If we dwell on healthy foods, we’re influenced to prepare healthy meals every time. When we’re dwelling on inspirational inputs, we’re giving way to a positive influence in all that we do. Not only are we influencing ourselves, but we’re also setting a good example for others to follow.
  • Enhanced Knowledge
    An inspirational read is not just a set of fiction intended to trigger feel-good emotions. There are also inspiring literatures that open the way for deeper, factual knowledge so that the readers will not just be uplifted but will also have their knowledge store increased. As one of the leading non profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana, we recognize that having an enhanced knowledge nurtures the overall wellbeing of an individual.
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No matter what you’re going through, allotting time for inspirational reading always makes a difference in your day. By doing this practice every day, imagine the enormous life change that can happen in and through you. There are many inspirational literatures around you, online and offline. Let it be your motivation to read and stay inspired.

Are you interested to learn further about our LivingHope magazine? Feel free to drop us your inquiries!

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