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Steps to Overcome Resentment and Enjoy Relationships

How do you know if you’re already being resentful? You will manifest the following signs: anger, willful unforgiveness, ungratefulness, and lack of empathy. Are you going through these issues lately? Do you know that being resentful can lead to bitterness, and makes you unhappy for as long as you don’t let them go?

As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we’re here to promote and pronounce that your life is worth living for and resentment will destroy it. We’re also here to help you live the life that God intended you to live, the life free from resentment and bitterness.

Here are steps you can take to let go and live in freedom:

  • Be Grateful
    Your gratitude can open up to a host of other healthy thoughts, which are the ones you should nurture in your mind. Remember that the ideas you preserve in your mind will leave out of your words and actions. Philippians 4:8 reminds us that we are able to be in control of our thoughts, to nurture good thoughts, and gratefulness is a powerful starting point.
  • Choose to Be Better
    There will always be painful, hurtful, and unjust experiences in life and dwelling upon them can only push you even deeper. However, you are also given the power to choose and embrace what is better and right. Remember how God embraces you in Christ Jesus and you can also learn to choose what is better.
  • Nip Worry in the Bud
    Worrying is the way to feed resentment. However, in Job 5:2, we’re reminded that worrying is both selfish and senseless. Stop focusing on the problem or injustice and choose to trust in God’s justice, even if it doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment yet. Instead, channel your efforts to activities that can build others up, such as participating in a Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Confess
    It is true that nobody is perfect, but we can do more than acknowledging that. We need to take responsibility of how sinful resentment is and confess it to God in prayer. Let God remove that resentment away. Ask for His cleansing and He will do it. Nothing delights God more than knowing that you are seeking for what is right in His eyes.
  • Stop Trying to Change Others
    One reason to be resentful is that we think others ought to be better. However, we are not in control of their lives. We are in control of OUR thoughts and actions, not THEIRS. Whenever you find the need to argue why someone should change, focus on yourself instead and on what you should change about yourself.
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In our non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we have seen that there are more worthwhile and meaningful ventures that we can spend our thoughts and efforts on. Let go of your resentment by choosing to dwell on other productive means. If you need to seek God more, contact us at GIANTABILITY.

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