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Tag Archives: Prayer

Understanding your God-given Purpose

Man was a perfect creation straight from God’s skillful hands not by accident but by the result of wisdom, love which transcends all of God’s creatures. The statement of ‘God blessed man’ means more than wishing you well, it emphasizes he has given the ability to fulfill your reasons for living as God’s representative on … Continue reading

How to Find Comfort Amidst Challenging Times?

There is no place or time in this world that challenges and difficult experiences are not happening. That is one truth we all can agree in, isn’t it? Different people face their life’s problems differently. However, for us as a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe in the power and sovereignty of God to … Continue reading

The 5-Finger Prayer Guide

How do you define prayer? As a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, our answer at GIANTABILITY is this: prayer is our communication with God. Communication is vital for people in a relationship. This means that when we pray, we’re establishing or expressing our desire to be in a relationship with God Almighty. Sometimes, however, we … Continue reading

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