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The Best Way to Prepare for Life’s Battles

You don’t have to fight all the battles thrown in your way. There are battles that matter and are intended for you. When you gain the wisdom to discern which ones are worth fighting for, you’ll reap the breakthroughs from them.

Our charity organization in Indianapolis, Indiana believes that in dealing with battles, you need to prepare not just to face them but also to win them. Here are ways you can prepare for the struggles come your way:

  • Prepare like a good soldier.
    A good soldier is dedicated, enduring, focused, does not think of quitting, disciplined, and resilient. When in a battle, soldiers wear their full armor. And as Christians, we know that our armor is not just seen in the physical. Like soldiers, we do not go on with idle minds as such are the favorite workshops of the enemy. As a part of a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we fight while guarding ourselves against distractions.
  • Prepare like a winning athlete.
    An athlete who knows of their competence has a winner’s mindset. They are not easliy swayed when things don’t fall into the right places.
  • Prepare like a hard-working farmer.
    When you have a harvester’s mindset, you can visualize the things to come accurately. Once you can see what’s up for tomorrow, you can survive and win through the day.
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GIANTABILITY is one of the non profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana with a heart for awakening people to spiritual truths. Connect with us today.

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