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What It Takes to Serve in the Ministry

Do you feel like God is calling you to serve Him in the ministry? If so, you may wonder if such a path would be right for you or not. Since a huge deal of responsibility is associated with working in the ministry, it is not the kind of decision taken lightly. As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we advise you to weigh the matter first – examine your heart and ask for God’s clear instruction through praying and reading the Bible.

Remember that ministry means work. It’s not merely sitting all day doing Bible reading and praying; this is a hands-on job. You have to get out of your comfort zone, minister to others while feeding your own spirit, help out communities, among others. There are various ministries to join – Pastoral, Hospitality, Teaching, Outreach, Music, Counseling, and more. A Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana will be your partner in reaching out to people’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Alongside ministry are great responsibilities which require all our heart, mind, and strength. There are times when working in the ministry can get really hard and sacrificial. However, these are the times we are reminded the most that we can’t serve God in our own wisdom and strength. Find strength and persistence in the fact that our labor in the Lord will never be in vain.

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Ask clear vision from the King as to which ministry you are to serve for His Kingdom. If you need counsel on this matter, non profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana, especially GIANTABILITY, can help.

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