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Author Archives: giantabilitymn

No Nation is Stronger Than the Help Needed

For centuries, there has been a divide between the developing and developed nations, the strong and the weak as well as the poor and the rich. Some countries had been seen as safer than the others, and to that effect, they are considered as what fits in for description as “safe havens.” With the reality … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Save or Waste Nigeria

Democracy without dividend is worse than autocracy, and it is a waste of both human and capital resources. The situation in Nigeria is obvious for even an insane person to perceive. There is nothing that is working for the masses. All that is left is deceit and hypocrisy of the highest order. Democracy as a … Continue reading

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The Helplessness of Nigerians is Ignorance

It’s now a little bit more than 30 years ago when as a student at the Lagos State University (LASU), I participated in a national essay competition organized by the Forum for the Advancement of Nigeria (FAN), Philadelphia USA. The theme of the essay was Nigeria of My Dream. I won a certificate and this … Continue reading

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The Gruesome Murder of Church Worshippers in Nigeria

The news of the gruesome murder of more than 100 worshippers in the town of Owo and in Ondo State of Nigeria is unprecedented going by how dastardly and barbaric the incident was. The gunmen invaded the church and shot sporadically and used explosives against the worshippers who gathered at St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo, … Continue reading

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New York and Texas Mass Shootings: The Two-Sided Coin

The news of the barbaric and dastardly acts, namely the New York/Buffalo market shooting and the Texas elementary school mass shooting, has gone viral even in the minds of people agitating questions. The objectives were the same but they contrast each other in the identities of both the shooters and the victims. The objective was … Continue reading

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The Buffalo Market Shooting: Neutralizing the Poison of White Supremacy

A white gunman motivated by hate and dressed in tactical gear killed 10 people and wounded three others Saturday, May 14, 2022, at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket. The suspect, an 18-year-old man, shot 13 people — 11 of whom are Black and two who are White — at the Tops Friendly Market. Saturday, May … Continue reading

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