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Hard copies of the 20th Edition of Livinghope magazine are now available!

Giantability Media Network wishes to inform you that the hard copy of the 20th edition of Livinghope magazine is ready and available for request both in America and Nigeria.   This edition is dedicated to the emergence of the new president and vice of the United States of America, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as … Continue reading

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Revolution in political science, is a sudden change in power or a switch of a political organization due to citizens turning against such government. A call for revolution arises when there’s a call against incompetence and oppression – political, social or economical by the population in a state or country.   Getting to know about … Continue reading

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From #EndSars to #EndNigeria

The #EndSars protest ended with its achievements and failures. Thereafter, the #EndNigeria agitation started. What #EndNigeria connotes includes servitude and hopelessness. Every journey of life has its twist and turns, but as long as the journey is turning us all in the right direction, there is no doubt that the right destination is in view … Continue reading

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We all have the rights to being equal in our society and the respect for these rights can be duly demanded. Nonetheless, in our world today, we witness the huge gap between men and women trying to gain grounds on decision making or being in power. All over the world, women are given only few … Continue reading

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Introducing The 20th Edition of Livinghope Magazine and it Content

CONTENT Cover Story   President Joe Biden: The man on a Rescue Mission Five Americans who are specialists in their areas of specialization and fit in for description as technocrat, wrote articles on the cover story. They are: Dr. Brian W. Grant, a clergy and psychologist, Dr. Henry J. Davis psychologist, Pastor Ron Bontrager, Senior … Continue reading

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The Siege in Nigeria is Over

The popular saying has always been that, there is light at the end of the tunnel. What agitates the mind is nothing close to the revelation that, from the beginning of the tunnel to the end of it, is a journey and not all those who embark on a journey end up at their hearty … Continue reading

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