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Author Archives: giantabilitymn

It is Insanity for Nigerians to Expect Better Life from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

┬áPresident Bola Ahmed Tinubu   Nigerians are in a very dire situation that commands pity, sympathy, and empathy from across the globe and this is as a result of the poverty and hunger that pervades the entire country and making the people susceptible to all forms of temptations which by extension are criminal in nature. … Continue reading

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Making an Ant Out of the Giant of Africa

There is so much trouble in the world and what actually appears as the source of trouble and the trouble as we perceive them are far from being the true situation of things. The trouble that the world is faced with originates from within us as humans and it affects the living and the non-living … Continue reading

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Adeyanju’s Shocking Birthday Testimony

I am humbled by the grace and the mercies of God in my life that led me to this day of celebrating the addition of one good new year to my years by God. This year’s birthday to me is unique for so many reasons. One of which is the agreement between my year of … Continue reading

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Democracy Day: Celebrating the Freest, Fairest, and the Best Election in the Gutters of Nigeria

  June 12, 1993, will go down forever in the history of Nigeria as the day when the hero of democracy was made in the person of Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola and the day also when the greatest enemy of democracy in Nigeria was made in the person of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the … Continue reading

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The War that President Tinubu cannot Win

There are different kinds of warfare and this includes the physical and the spiritual. Even in the physical, we have the conventional and the asymmetric warfare. A good example of asymmetric warfare is the Guerilla warfare which is a form of unconventional warfare in which small groups of irregular military, such as rebels, partisans, paramilitary … Continue reading

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The Equivalence Between Israel and Hamas is Humanity

The Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, Mr. Karim A.A Khan, on Monday, May 20th 2024, sought a warrant of arrest from the International criminal court against the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his defense leader as well as three leaders of the Hamas for alleged acts of genocide and crimes against … Continue reading

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