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Category Archives: Other Sources

‘This Is Our Campus’ – Overcoming Hatred with Love

“Concerns were more than apparent during a recent discussion on the campus of Appalachian State University. There were a number of protestors to the discussion, as one banner read ‘Hate happens here’, but the love of Jesus Christ and the Bible won out in the end.” Click here for more.

Love Conquers All: A Slave and His Master

Love Conquers All: A Slave and His Master “Frederick Douglass born into slavery in the early 19th century, became one of the most outspoken abolitionists of his time. His celebrated history is often forgotten, but before King and Ghandi – Douglass talked of equal rights for all races. He also found that the quickest way … Continue reading

South Korea, One of the Biggest Exporters of the Christian Gospel – Who Knew?

“Seoul, South Korea today has 6 of the 10 largest mega churches of Christianity in the entire world. Christianity now makes up more than a quarter of the South Korean population, in the year 1885 Christianity only made up 1% of the population. Why the dramatic turn?” Click here for more.

“Blessed are those who die in the Lord . . .” – Evangelist Billy Graham Passes Away at 99

“One of the most influential and beloved evangelists of our time, the Reverend Billy Graham, passed away of natural causes to his new life with the Lord. Graham was one of, if not, the most influential Christian evangelists of our time. His influence extended to the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr., Queen Elizabeth II … Continue reading

Pop Culture Surprise Phenomenon That Is, “This is Us”, Is Less About Them, As It is Us

“Thousands upon millions of viewers are drawn each week to the series because it is a carefully crafted wordplay that is synonymous with the joyous trudging of life within today’s society. Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention writes, “The secret to ‘This Is Us’ is less about ogling some other, strange, dysfunctional family as … Continue reading

Marriage in America, It’s Under Attack – An Unflinching Commitment as the Bible Teaches Is Required

“Marriage rates and statistics in America are shockingly awful. The fact is in 1970 80% of all adults were married. Today that statistic is hovering around 52%. Quite a startling change over the nearly 50 years. Yet it doesn’t take a village to restore a marriage so much as it takes a church. Martin Luther … Continue reading

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