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Category Archives: Other Sources

“Let’s Get Married!!!”: Saying “I Do” Leads To Greater Happiness Study Finds

“So you’ve got cold feet? Where’s your faith? God designed marriage to mirror His lasting promise to us-His covenant. And as it turns out, marriage is far more favorable for long term happiness than let’s say, “Hooking up”. So why not get married?” Click here for more.

Woman Thought Dead Sees Jesus And Her Life Is Spared

“Samiha, a woman of Cairo says Jesus was with her the entire time, after a terrorist’s suicide bombing in Egypt left her severely disfigured and expected to die. “She won’t survive doctors told her husband. Put on a list of dead victims, she was expected to die. Jesus Christ had other plans for her.” Click … Continue reading

Raising Godly Children: Guideposts to Attainment

“In today’s society it is now more important than ever for children to grow up witnessing true love and devotion between a mother and father. An Exceptional and Genuine love of our spouse is needed. But how is this done? Author Lisa Mcminn writes, “When we stop striving for perfection, we become more gracious to … Continue reading

“God Knew What He Got When He Got You”: He Ran to The Cross and it Changed His Life

“After taking over an adult film production company, pornstar Keith Repult found himself lost and empty with a big hole in his soul. After battling addictions, Jesus Christ saved his soul and a whole lot more.” Click here for more.

Forgiveness and Justice and Love: How They Coexist After Sexual Abuse

“Rachael Denhollander became the first victim to publically claim allegations against her former Michigan State University gymnastics coach, she was also the last to speak her victim impact statement in the courtroom. That was not coincidence. Rachael shares one of her life’s biggest challenges.” Click here for more.

“Silence”: The New Secular Film Shares the Good Word of Jesus Christ

“Martin Scorcese’s 28-year journey brings to life the powerful story of Jesuit missionary, Shusaku Endo. Though James Garfield, the lead actor in Martin Scorcese’s film prefers not to label himself Christian, it is clear that Jesus Christ and his teachings continue to powerfully affect others.” Click here for more.

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