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Gemme Sister’s Club is a Christian ministry that is keen to change lives through ministration and one-to-one outreach, with a message of relief for the poor in spirit. The ministry focuses on women and is making plans to take its message of love and hope to prison inmates.

Founder and Coordinator of the ministry, Joan Kpandei

In an exclusive interview with Giantability News, Joan Kpandei, founder and coordinator of Christian ministry and outreach, Gemme Sisters Club shared the vision of the ministry and the revelation that led to its establishment.

She told Giantability News’ Anne Bassey: “this ministry was birthed two years ago. I had gone through some emotional issues thirteen years back and after God healed me, He sent me to other people who are going through such issues.

“Basically the ministry is about bringing hope to the broken-hearted. Even those in prison have become hopeless, so we reach out to them [women]. It is a women’s ministry.

“We have a one on one interaction, people really bond, people share, the question and answer time is very intimate and people open up. Most times people get instant healing.”

Speaking on the future of the Ministry, she said, “In another two, five, ten years, of course we would have grown bigger and global. It is a global ministry, reaching out to so many souls that are broken hearted and just restoring.

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“People are hurting in the world right now and they need a shoulder to cry on. Also we have another arm of advocacy. There is a part of advocacy for women and women’s right,” The founder explained.

She expressed optimism that the future of the ministry is bright and hoped for positive impact on lives and growth.

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