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Foolish Things Girls Do In The Name of Love- Bisi Adewale

(1) Living with a man who has not paid their pride price or married you. (2) Sending their nude pictures to guys in the name of Love. (3) Sharing all their secrets with a man they barely know. (4) Stealing their Parents money to finance a guy. (5) Giving their School fees to a guy to Celebrate his birthday (6) Accepting to be a second wife because of so called love. (7) Wearing the engagement ring of man who doesn’t even know their homes, seen their parents or received their consent. (cool Fighting all their friends and family members who oppose their love affairs. (9) Giving your BRIDE PRIDE (virginity) to a man who has notpaid your BRIDE PRICE. (10) Turning themselves to a Man intimacy gadget and slave in the name of love. (11) Bathing Unclad with their Guys, who may secretly snap the picture and post it on the internet. (12) Turning themselves to guy cook. (13) Turning themselves to launderer washing clothes for guys they say they love. (14) Public show of romance with your boyfriend who is only deceiving you. (15) Abusing all other guys around because they feel they are already hooked. (16) Disobeying their parents for the sake of a man who their parents don’t even know or accept.[/b] Bisi Adewale is an International Conference Speaker on Marriage, Parenting and Family Life, He is the author of the best selling books: Secrets of an Irresistible Wife, Parenting Teenagers and more than 70 other best selling books on marriage and family life. He is the president of Family Booster Ministries International and College of Marital Success (CMS), Host of Family Booster Moments on TV, watched in many countries across the globe.

By: Olatimehin Ololade

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