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Honestly, I am worried on the sudden resurgence of Boko Haram – Ndume

Maiduguri – A member of the Senate, Alhaji Ali Ndume, has expressed concern over escalation of Boko Haram attacks on Nigerian troops and locals in the North east. Ndume, who represents Borno South Senatorial District, expressed his feelings while talking to journalists on the situation on Friday. He said that Boko Haram had launched several attacks which led to mass casualties of troops in the last two month in Borno and Yobe. “Honestly, I am worried on the sudden resurgence of Boko Haram in the North east. “Some weeks ago, it was alleged that 48 soldiers were killed. On Tuesday there was another attack in Wala Pulka in Gwoza where it was alleged that many passengers were abducted. “There was attack some time ago in Jilli where many soldiers were killed, another came in Zari. There was another one in Njimtilo and Bama axis. “I learnt also that there was an attack on commuters along Maiduguri to Ngala. All this attacks occurred in two months. “So, honestly, I am really worried and I am sure the security agencies are equally worried. I appreciate that changes were made as a result of the last attacks, but that is not enough. “Agree that the insurgency has been defeated, but there are black spots which security agencies address. “These are some of the black spots that are known which the military must identify and make the area clean instead of waiting on trenches and wait for what will happen,” he said. According to him, the insurgents are now taking the war to military formations. “I think there should be some changes so that Boko Haram dont even think of coming to attack any troop. “That means the military formations must always be on alert. I am not a military man, but whenever somebody always come to your house without any fear, that means you are relapsed or sleeping,” Ndume said. He said that he would visit the military chiefs and discuss further on the areas of their challenges to nib the scourge in the bud. (NAN) HMS/NNO/TÁ source: vanguard

By: Welsh Jeje

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