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Category Archives: Charity

Christian Women Ministry Set to Visit Inmates in March

A Christian group, Gemme Sisters Club, has finalized plans to take an outreach to female inmates in selected prisons in Lagos State. Founder and Coordinator of the Group, Joan Kpandei, disclosed this at the ministry’s bimonthly fellowship in Lagos State with the theme, “Stepping out in Faith”. Kpandei said the vision for the outreach was … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: God Called Us To Share Message of Hope – Founder, Gemme Sisters Club

Gemme Sister’s Club is a Christian ministry that is keen to change lives through ministration and one-to-one outreach, with a message of relief for the poor in spirit. The ministry focuses on women and is making plans to take its message of love and hope to prison inmates. In an exclusive interview with Giantability News, … Continue reading

Factors to Consider Before Donating to a Charity

If you’re planning on donating to a charitable cause then make sure to never overlook these five essential tips. There never really is a particular time of the year to donate. If you feel like sharing your blessings with the underprivileged or supporting something you feel is important, then you should be able to do … Continue reading

A Donor’s Guide to Choosing the Ideal Charity

Selecting the ideal charity requires you to choose with your head and not just your heart. You need to know that your donations are benefiting the people who need them in the best possible way. While you may be an advocate of an organization’s particular cause, there are still a few things to look into … Continue reading

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