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Category Archives: Disability

Overcoming the Stigma of Being Disabled: Helping Others See You as a Complete Person

Dealing with internal struggles is a given challenge if you have a disability. These struggles create a stigma in your life that can stem from the perceptions of other people. Overcoming the stigma of being a disabled individual has its own set of problems that include discrimination and prejudice. Your family members may also have … Continue reading

3 General Tips for Overcoming the Challenges of Your Disability

A lot of people are born with handicaps. There are also those who are currently suffering from disabilities as a result of a disease or an accident. Whatever the case may be, living with a disability can be taxing. You will need to adjust to your new situation accordingly. Adjusting that you will have to … Continue reading

How to Re-Introduce God to Your Loved One After Disability

A disability does not only affect the mental or physical aspects of a person’s life. Most of the time, this situation can also shake the foundation of faith in an individual. We even tend to ask God and ourselves what we have done to deserve such handicap. Why does God allow disability to happen to … Continue reading

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