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Dealing with internal struggles is a given challenge if you have a disability. These struggles create a stigma in your life that can stem from the perceptions of other people. Overcoming the stigma of being a disabled individual has its own set of problems that include discrimination and prejudice. Your family members may also have to deal with these, leaving everybody’s self-esteem compromised. But whether you are tied to a wheelchair, blind or autistic, overcoming the stigma is about accepting that you are an amazing person and helping other people see that. As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, GIANTABIILITY wants to share these pointers to help you overcome the stigma of being disabled:

  • Keep Yourself Busy with Other Aspects of Your Life

    Your stigma for being disabled doesn’t define you as a person. You should not let your disability overwhelm you. Look at yourself beyond the limitations that your disability creates for you. Did you know that wheelchair-bound people can still enjoy sports? In fact, some of those who have lost their ability to hear can still hold conversations. Learning to do things differently can help you continue to live a fulfilling life. Spend time engaging in activities you are good at or visit Non-Profit Organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana that can give support to people with disability. This can help other people see you in a different light.

  • See Yourself as a Complete Person

    Remember that you can create a new identity that does not put your stigma in the foreground, no matter how other people treat you. Don’t be obsessed with your disability. You should see yourself as an able person and help other people see you the same way too. Acknowledge your positive traits including your behaviors, preferences, and habits. Take time to determine what you enjoy doing. Determine the characteristics you want to work on and the things you wish to change about yourself. These can help you create a positive identity as a complete person.

  • Learn to Re-focus When You Are Losing It

    Managing your stigma is not easy and you can see yourself losing focus at one point or another. Having some kind of reminders can help you re-direct your focus away from things that are not beneficial to you. You can think of your best achievement or your favorite holiday destination to lift up your mood. You can also remind yourself that you have people in your life who give you full support.

  • Be Confident with What You Are Able to Do

    Despite your disability, there are still other things that you can do. You may have lost your ability to walk but you still have functioning minds and hands to help you take part in activities or try out new hobbies. Our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana has outreach programs you can join in. Have a positive attitude that you can always try new things and build your confidence.

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