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A disability does not only affect the mental or physical aspects of a person’s life. Most of the time, this situation can also shake the foundation of faith in an individual. We even tend to ask God and ourselves what we have done to deserve such handicap.

Why does God allow disability to happen to someone?

There are many reasons that might come into mind. This situation happens for the person to acknowledge that God is great and that no person can boast before Him. The more the patient thinks about the situation he or she is in, the more that individual trusts in God.

If your loved one has a certain handicap, this does not mean that he or she is unable to do His will. Instead, your loved one can be an instrument of glorifying God. Remember that He chooses anyone to be His instrument.

Re-introducing God to your loved one with disability

The person might feel resentment about the existing situation. It is your moral obligation to help your loved one see the good behind what is happening. Below are suggestions as to the things you can do for your loved one.

  1. Be the help he or she needs.

    Non-profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana often provide assistance of any kind to persons with disabilities. Similarly, whether it is financial or physical, you should be ready to help whenever your family member needs you. Oftentimes, the works of God’s hands are manifested in other people.

  2. Communicate to your family member on a spiritual level.

    Let your family member air out frustrations, resentments, worries and all. Listen to what he or she has to say and offer words of encouragement. Slowly integrate the plan that God may have for him or her. It may be tough to get your hurt family member to listen but give it some time. If it can help, you might want to invite a minister from a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana for assistance.

  3. Pray and trust God.

    Eventually, your loved one will have to work on accepting the situation. Pray and trust God to show your loved one the blessing despite the disability.

GIANTABILITY understands the plight of individuals with disabilities. As a charity organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we aim to assist these individuals in any way we can. If you wish to also reach out to these brothers and sisters of ours, contact us at 317-291-9122 or 317-772-6421.

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