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Convener of the ‘Celebrate The Comforter’, Esther Ajayi has promised that her foundation, the Esther Ajayi Foundation will take up the educational and vocal training of Adeoyelu Ayomide, the young boy who hawks oranges and has a voice to sing for God.

The London-based prophetess and philanthropist revealed this on Saturday during the annual program held at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, Nigeria.

The popular clergy said, “Ayomide used to be an orange seller but that is gone out of Ayomide’s life forever. You see, when Ayomide came to my hotel room to sing, it was as if I was going on a trance at some point.

“Some people will still train his voice for microphone. The Esther Ajayi foundation has taken over Ayomide’s life. Ayomide is going to change from public school to private school and the Esther Ajayi foundation will sponsor Ayomide to university level and then we are going to the studio. Ayomide is going to the studio. He’s going to bring out his record before the end of the year.

“Let me tell you, there are some people we call destiny changers. God has sent me to this world to change some destinies for the best, Ayomide happens to be one of them. I discovered him two days ago.” She said.

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One notable personality that graced the event was former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, who address worshipers saying, “I am grateful to Esther Ajayi. This is the third edition of ‘Celebrate the Comforter’ and she had made me an eye witness to all the three editions.

“The London edition, the New York edition and now the Lagos edition. But why are we here? And why where we in London? Why were we in New York? To appreciate what God has done for us individually and collectively and to thank God for what He has done for us, what His doing for us and what He will continue to do for Us in the future.

“When you get the grace of God then you must show appreciation to God for what He has given you, what you have enjoyed and what you continue to enjoy.

“When the comforter, the Holy spirit is with you, you can do all things and that is why we must show gratitude. Why you must celebrate Him and of course, if you celebrate God. God will bring about celebration in your life. May God bring about grate celebration in your life.” Obansajo said.


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