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Everywhere you turn to, you discover there is a wall which signifies either an obstacle or the end of the road. The people living in the developing countries, especially Africa, yearn to check out of their countries to other advanced countries such as America and the United Kingdom, all in search of greener pastures. One important discovery, however, is that those who are in the advanced countries that many aspire to travel to are also desirous of a more comfortable and secure environment. However, the unfortunate thing with this class of people is that there are no other places for them to run to except if the moon becomes habitable for human beings, and in the alternative, heaven is the last option, but this is not reachable without dying.

Who do you think is ready to give up life for death? The revealed truth about the above painted situation is that satisfaction in life is a thing of the mind. Going by this discovery, it follows therefore that ninety percent of what we see as problems are only imagined and unattainable. They are only pictures that are painted in our brains, and as long as they exist, they constitute a stumbling block to our realization of the Garden of Eden that belonged to us at the time of creation.

Most of the things that were designed to provide comfort and peace of mind to mankind have been adulterated by either trying to change original ways they are supposed to work in terms of speed and quantity. We, in the process, jettisoned the reality of the truth behind the saying that slow and steady wins the race, and anything of value must be scarce. Everybody wants to make it quick, and everybody wants to accumulate wealth beyond what they can manage, and here lies the source of the problems that plague us as humans.

Human beings are created with the innate abilities to turn around things as co-creators, and that is why whenever people choose to turn around a situation for the better, it becomes realizable. Unfortunately, people operate under the dominion of the spirit of discontentment and greed, and this explains why they misconstrue negative situations and choose to settle down in them instead of rising above them. Contentment and godliness are a great gain. This positive attitude makes it possible for those who find themselves in negative situations to acknowledge what is in their hands and summon courage to turn it around.

The wise saying is that kings have long arms but misfortune longer, let no man therefore think himself out of reach. The hopes of the instructed who see contentment and godliness as great gain are better than the wealth of the ignorant who are discontent and greedy.

The direction that the world is moving to is unclear, as it has always been, but the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are the new products that all humanity are to contend with; you do not need to have money to buy any one of them. They are readily available and for free. This makes the journey become more uncertain, and making only one thing certain, and that is death. Are we here just to live and die? If no, what then are we here for?

Whatever answers we have should be against the backdrop of the purpose for which we were created. If there is no agreement, then something urgent has to be done lest we are doomed without a way of escape. If God the Creator wishes us good, as He’s not the author of confusion and evil, why do we have evil pervade all nooks and crannies of the world leaving nowhere for humanity to find rest? The wickedness of the wicked needs to come to an end for you can run away from others, but not from yourself. You can pretend to be what you are not and who you are not, but the blessings of God will only apply to whom you were originally and in relation to what He intended for you to be. We are all afflicted because we went astray. Until we return to the Word, then we cannot find our place in the world.

Every day, you hear the rumors of war with no hope of a better tomorrow. We have all become like a smoking flask and a bruised reed. The world has become more chaotic, fragile, with uncertainty on the increase, Where do we go from here?

If we can all come together as one with the belief and faith in ourselves, we can therefore put all heads under one thinking cap and all eggs in one basket. The safety of one is that of all, and the poverty of one is that of all, for one rich man in the midst of six kinsmen is poor. Let the world return to the basis and conform to the norms of origination until our change comes.

Change is inevitable, and nothing is more important for man to become than an agent of change. You may not be able to change the word, but you can change YOUR world.

There is no shining without rising; therefore, let us arise and shine, for our light has come!

Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju



Hand in the Darkness Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash
Garden Photo by Fiona Smallwood on Unsplash

Sun Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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