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The marriage committee of The Deeper Life Church, Bayelsa state has suspended the wedding of Bolingo Israel and Okpokpolom Jemima, for engaging in actions that contravene the laid down procedures.

The information was contained in a twitter post made by Oladele Dada, @realoladele, on Monday, adding that the wedding was allegedly suspended because the couple ate from the same plate a week before they were to tie the knot.

 So I’m going to be narrating a funny story that was shared with me by a friend of mine who went for the wedding of his cousin that was cancelled on Saturday 8, 2019 at Okutukutu, Bayelsa by Deeper Life Bible Church @dclmhq they attend.

“I don’t criticize pastors or churches, but this is overwhelming and annoying.

“So after all the preparation for the wedding, the State Overseer of Bayelsa state called the chairman marriage committee of the church to suspend the wedding.

“The message sent was ‘YOUR WEDDING IS SUSPENDED. TWO OF YOU ARE PLACED ON DISCIPLINE.’ This was sent on Friday during the traditional marriage.

“The wife and husband said the chairman of the marriage stated that the reason why Bayelsa State Overseer suspended the wedding was because the couple to be ate in the same plate a week ago. Which the State Overseer said it’s wrong & should never happen until after wedding day.” The post read.

As reports, the Church explained that contrary to twitter reports, the couple had once engaged in immoral acts after sleeping in the same bed which amounted to committing sin. They felt guilty and reported themselves to their respective pastors, after which they were placed on disciplinary action by the state overseer.

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The church allegedly denied reports that their parents pleaded with the pastor to wed them on the 8th June, 2019, emphasizing that it is important to note, that the church stands on holiness and members have been consistently admonished to “abstain from all appearance of evil.”

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