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For All The Woes In Your Country, Blame The Clergy, Police And The Politicians – Samuel Adeyanju

For all The Woes In your Country, Blame the Clergy, Police and the Politicians – Samuel Adeyanju

Problems are in categories and apportioning blames should also be in the order of hierarchy because it takes the one with a lion’s heart to have the lion’s share of anything and to whom that much is given, much is also expected. The situation of things in the world today calls for a sober reflection and we don’t have to be blind to see because the world of the blind is limited by the touch of his hand and therefore whatever it is that can deceive the blind man’s walking stick automatically has deceived the blind man. We have our eyes to see with, but unfortunately rather than see with them we only look with them. May God open both our spiritual and physical eyes to see, for as far as we can see so much can we possess.

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The offices of the clergy which are classified into five major areas which include those of the pastor, prophet, evangelist, teacher and apostle are sacred and designed for the declaration for the praise of God right on the earth. In the old testament of the Bible, we see the occupant of these offices functioning in different capacities for the edification of the children of God and with the demonstration of the power of God who is caller and the doer.

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Today, it is crystal-clear that the caller remains unchanged and unchangeable but the story is not the same with the called for. If things were the same as they were in the Bible days all the benefits that were daily loaded with by the caller would have been for the possession of His children with full joy in their heart for God according to the Bible daily loads His children with benefits. If you are concerned or worried about the myriad of problems that you are daily confronted with in your country and which seem to be intractable ask yourself a question and try to find the answer in the Bible by comparing spiritual with spiritual. Then it will be revealed to you that if the foundation be destroyed there is nothing that the righteous can do. This problem of spiritual leadership which has become like a cankerworm that has eating deep into fabrics of our society is not limited to Nigeria but is the problem of the world and this may be the sign of the end times. If the God of Elijah and that of Elisha is your God and still alive as we know from the word of God and His handworks suggest to us, who then is a man of God? The COVID 19 pandemic came as a shock and caught every one of us in unguarded moment all over the world, whereas we understand from the Bible that God will not do anything without revealing the secret to His servants, the prophet. The evidences at our disposal reveal to us that even the embattled formal president Donald Trump was a victim of false and failed prophecies delivered to him by men of God from America and Nigeria. If your prophet can mislead you by making you to vote for the wrong candidate wisdom demands that you question his ability to lead you in the direction of life.

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Suffice to say also that the nefarious activities of the law enforcement agents are also a spillage from the failure of the clergy in the discharge of their God given responsibility to the Nations. Righteousness exalts a nation, but if the head stinks the whole body automatically becomes defective. The people in uniform who are supposed to enforce the laws of the land and who the majority of the people come in contact with on a daily basis as representative of the judiciary, which is design to be the temple of justice are also irresponsible and ineffective in the discharge of their duties to the people. What we have today in our country Nigeria is a complete and shameful disconnect between the laws of the land and the enforcers of them. Bear in mind also, that these men in uniform are humans and citizens of the country where they work. Don’t they have families, churches or mosque that they attend and where are their pastors or imams? As the leaders are, so are the followers. The laws enforcement agents also share in the blame regarding where the country is and the hardship that we face as a people. Remember the END-SARS protest which was aimed at correcting the evils perpetrated by the uniform men. The goal of the movement was great and positive, but the direction was wrong. The youth did vent their anger at the wrong people and left out those who deserve to have the lion’s share of the blame. Under normal circumstances and all things being equal, our spiritual leaders should have fought the battle for us and the loss of lives of our precious youth would have been avoided. There are ‘gods’ of the lands that are to be confronted using spiritual weapons of warfare which the Bible says are not carnal. It is not late for us if only we can find our bearing and re-channel our effort in the right direction by confronting our oppressors and slave masters head on. Our law enforcement agents are a product of the colonial master who were designed to subjugate and repress the people in other to help the colonial masters continue their agenda of colonization by domination. This same method is what is replicated in our police force today, rather than being the friend of the people, they are enemies all in an effort to make the politicians have their ways by fire by force.

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On a final note, the politicians who are supposed to be the representative of the people use their elective positions to amass wealth for themselves and their family at the expense of the people they are to represent. That is the ways the game is played here and who do we blame for that? When Nigerians are ready, they have what it takes to bring about the desired change, but not without the help of God and that is where the importance of the place of the clergy once again comes in the front burner. If God still answers prayer and with the rate at which Nigerians attend church programs, pray and fast to God, the pertinent question to ask is why is the country stagnated and grappling with the problems of Bokoharam insurgency, armed banditry by Fulani herdsmen, kidnapping, armed-robbery just to mention but a few.? It is very clear if not to Nigerians definitely to the outsiders especially to Nigerians in the diaspora, that the country called Nigeria is nothing other than a shadow of her-self. Restructuring the country is a positive direction to go but except the Lord build the house the laborers will continue to build in vain. It is now time for Nigerians to fix the blames first then the problem, woe to Him that is at ease in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

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By Samuel Adeyanju

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