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The boast made by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu sounded as a surprise to many who never knew that Israel has what it takes to be independent of its allies, especially the United States of America.

The Prime Minister, Netanyahu, was reacting to the statement made by the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, in relation to a condition on which the U.S. will be willing to give aid in the form of bombs and other military hardware to the Israeli’s government.

President Biden said for the first time on Wednesday, 8th May 2024 that he would halt some shipments of American weapons to Israel – which he acknowledged have been used to kill civilians in Gaza – if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders a major invasion of the city of Rafah.

The Prime Minister of Israel who had been recalcitrant with regard to all the established international rules of engagement in wartime and relevant advisories from the allies of the Republic state of Israel, prominent among which are the United States of America, Britain, and France, now displayed a superficial effrontery and audacity sequel to the stringent condition given by the United States of America for the deployment of weapons to aid Israel by declaring for the first time especially since when the war between Israel and the Hamas group broke out in October 2023, that Israel can stand alone.

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The intransigent posture of the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu has in every sense of decorum and morality betrayed the impression that most Christians in the world have ignorantly held on to about Israel in relation to the biblical injunctions.

As much as well-meaning and god-fearing people in the world have always expressed sympathy towards Israel especially because of the holocaust, one finds it difficult to juxtapose the unforgiving and merciless stance of Israel with why they deserve sympathy from others, for whatever thing that happened to them in the most recent past, especially the unjustifiable killings of the innocent 1200 Israelis and the 250 hostages taken by the Hamas group and the historical holocaust.

It does not make sense to pamper an ally who has proved to be stubborn and lacking in decorum as Israel has chosen to be. What President Joe Biden did by putting his foot on the ground, and expecting restraint from Israel is long overdue. There is nothing that makes the nation of Israel superior to other nations of the world or the Israelis superior to the Palestinians.

Arrogating a sort of immunity and superiority to self especially by the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is in every sense an act of rascality and this has to be checked and resisted. The reprisal attack carried out by the Israeli army against the Palestinians over the act of genocide committed by the Hamas group against Israel, as condemnable as it is, does not justify the loss of the lives of more than 34 thousand innocent Palestinians and more than seventy thousand of them that were injured within the seven months since the war began.

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1200 Israelis were murdered in cold blood and 250 were taken hostage, this is unfortunate and condemnable but does not justify the continued destruction of the lives of innocent Palestinians and their homes, while Israel still expects the people taken as hostages to be released.

There is a saying which I think applies to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu; “if your conscience cannot stop you, you better pray for cold feet.”

I want to submit here again that Israel without Christ is not better than Jacob without a change of name.

Students of several universities across the globe have embarked on a protest against the genocide going on in Gaza and voices from many quarters and nations of the world have called on the Prime Minister of Israel to exercise restraints, and despite all these, the Prime Minister was still planning to invade Rafah, an act that all well-meaning citizens of the world have frowned against but with no impact on the Prime Minister’s resolve.

This is ungodly, inhumane, and satanic. I would like to congratulate the President of the United States of America for his boldness and determination to bring about a ceasefire in Gaza, which I hope to see replicated by other leaders of like minds. Together we can make the world a better place to live in when we call evil by its name.

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President Joe Biden has take a a bold step in the right direction and let him rest assured that his desire for a second term in office is guaranteed and by the grace of God almighty. Man is man because of others, alone, man is an animal.


Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju 

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