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The best questions are those that are asked, and once the mind is stretched by an idea, it does not return back to its original size.  Opportunities present themselves to people regardless of race, gender, ethnicity and nationalities.  Dreaming is free but actualizing dreams is costly.

There are so many questions flying around but which probably have not agitated the minds of Nigerians, especially about what becomes the destiny of the nation and how to move forward.  You don’t overlook or sweep relevant questions under the carpet.  They are to be asked, for he who asks receives and those who ask for a roadmap in a journey don’t miss their way.

Politicians have proved themselves as different completely from statesmen by the way they think, behave, and by the things they say, which reflect the abundance that is in their hearts.  With all the mind bugging concerns that have grounded the country to a near state of immobility, rather that see people aspire a solemn assembly of thinkers, all we see pervading the atmosphere are unscrupulous politicians who shamelessly present themselves as Messiahs.  The Messiah-to-be who is not a thinker is no different from a sailor who is ignorant of the functionality of a ship who has no choice than to sink the ship.

First and foremost, in an environment of lively people, the question about the way out of a problem should be sacrosanct and critical rather than building a castle in the air.  A house that is without a foundation is a pack of rubbles in the making.

Here are some questions to ponder on and ask if people all over the world are to conform to civility and moral ethics, especially as the country transitions from one regime of hardship to an unknown destination:

  1. What is the state of the 1999 Constitution in relation to its legality?  Is it just for the military to prepare a Constitution that will be used in a democracy?
  2. What are Nigerians doing about the Eastern question?  For how long will the Southeasterners be marginalized?
  3. How much information do Nigerians have about the so-called “repentant” Boko Haram insurgents?  How could they come into the country in thousands but not with any of the remaining 112 kidnapped school girls n view?
  4. Does anybody know if all the so-called “repentant” Boko Haram insurgents are Nigerians by birth?
  5. With all the promises made by the Buhari-led government, APC, in relation to a fight against insurgency, does anybody know what the federal government has done or is planning to do with the Boko Haram sponsors whose names the United Arab Emirates gave to the Nigerian government for investigation—eight of them?
  6. Does anybody know what becomes of Nigeria as a country without restructuring? Is any  one among the aspirants discussing this or has any given any clue?

These are just a few of the burning issues that the attention of Nigerians should hinge on, and if the need arises, be drawn to.  Doing anything in the name of politics that is different from what should take the center stage or front seat is to be doing the wrong thing, and the destination in view, doing the wrong thing is the wrong one.

This is food for thought.  Let Nigerians, especially the youths, understand this simple truth.  Your mobile phone is your gun.  You don’t need a license to carry it about.  All you need is the recharge card to put your destiny in your hands.  Most of the time, what phones are used for are things that do not add color to our destiny or bring progress our way.

I am using this opportunity to launch the “phone revolution.”  Text a positive message that can educate one or two people about the direction that you want the country to follow, and before you know it the fire of revolution is sparked off in the mind, and from there, no one is able to determine how far it goes.

The reminiscence of the positive effects of the October 2020 EndSARS protest is an advantage and can be improved upon.  The youths are not only  in the majority.. They also have to major in using their phones and pens as instruments of libration.  Wisdom is stronger than the weapons of war, and only fools die before their time.  What is being transmitted to you right now should open your eyes to choose to determine what becomes of Nigeria from this moment.  You don’t need to make yourself vulnerable by confronting those who don’t have what you have and who ordinarily are not expected to value what you carry.

Carrying guns and clamping down on peaceful protestors is not the hardest thing to do.  Thinking is the hardest thing to do.  You are stronger than them and your youth should not be despised.  You are not just the leaders of tomorrow.  You are in charge even from now.  You are in charge right now.  Leaders who are not able to think and change their minds in the port will sink in the sea.  This opportunity must not be forfeited and this moment must not pass.


Samuel “Tunji Adeyanju



Ship Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash

Cell Phone Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

EndSARS photo Photo by Ayoola Salako on Unsplash


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