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How times fly.  A wise man once said that if I am deceived once, my deceiver is a fool, but if I am deceived the second time by the same person or persons, I am a fool.  It is not all the time that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.  Doing the same thing and expecting the same result is more often than not the heritage of the fools, and only the fools die before their time.

Listening to news or watching TV as a way of getting to know what goes on in Nigeria, more often than not, breaks one’s heart and makes one to be sad, especially some of us who are Nigerians by birth and have the opportunity to live abroad.  It is said over and over that Nigerians are very intelligent people and are doing great things outside the shores of the country, but ironically what people hear about their country leaves much to be desired.  Most of the problems that Nigeria as a country has are manmade, and can be overturned at will.

The sufferings of Nigerians will continue for as long as the people keep complaining and grumbling and not taking their destiny in their hands to confront head on the objects of their fear and those who have made themselves to become as slave masters.  Opportunities come and go and once it is lost, it’s always hard to regain.  This is another opportunity knocking on the doors of Nigerians as this year 2022 is described as the political year, while 2023 is described as the election year.

There are just two major obstacles that exist between the country and the promised land.  These are what fits in for description as apartheid, and the other one is marginalization.  Both obstacles are born out of inequality, injustice, lack of transparency, lack of fair play, and the lack of the spirit of the fear of God.  Apartheid, as it were, refer to the rule of a minority over the majority, and marginalization is denying a group of people their rights to certain things, be it wealth, positions, and so on and so forth.

The question I have for Nigerians is are the people suffering from lack of everything that is abundantly available.  Yes is the answer.   It is just like someone who thirsts in the abundance of water, a hopeless and helpless situation you may wish to say.  The whistle, for those who intend to run or vie for one political position or the other in 2023, has been blown with aspirants mostly of the old school signifying intentions to run.  They have not done anything wrong by signifying intentions to contest. That is just their inalienable right, but the unfortunate thing about their actions is that most of them lack the pedigree that qualifies them for the kind of new Nigeria that is desired.

The electorates who constitute the majority seem not to be awake and ready for the promised land.  The same politicians who have granted the country’s economy and have plunged the country into chaos as evidenced by insecurity, poverty, hopelessness, are the same politicians who are  warming up and perfecting their old strategies of enslaving the people.  It is another jamboree in the making, and only God knows where the destiny of the country is headed this time.  I hope not into destruction or extinction.

I keep wondering and asking questions especially about the mental health status of Nigerians who live in the country because what is obvious is that people have always been indifferent to what should be of major concern, especially with regard to what becomes of the country.  In the words of the late legendary Fela, he described these actions that I’m talking about as “looking and laughing.”  If Nigerians miss this great opportunity to reject any form of enslavement by the so-called politicians this time, I doubt it much if the opportunity missed will forever be regained.

Why the recycling of the old cargoes?  Does it mean the country has no other capable hands with the track record of integrity, capacity, competency, and ability.  Why then should the rogues, pen robbers,  looters, and defrauders be allowed to shamelessly come out and start deceiving the people again?  Is politics an instrument of deceit and subjugation?  These are the questions that should agitate the minds of Nigerians who would like to taste comfort and experience good living that befits human being.  They should stop living like slaves in their own God-given country which is recognized as the giant of Africa, the largest economy in Africa and the largest democracy in Africa.  Bear in mind  that regardless of these credentials, Nigeria is also recognized as the poverty capital of the world.  

So far, so bad with regard to those who have come out openly and underground to signify their intention to run for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023.  The politicians have constituted themselves into overlords who only delight in winning elections and controlling the destinies of Nigerians.  To worsen the situation in Nigeria at this time is the illegality of the 1999 Constitution, which is a document prepared by the military for the people.  The citizens of Nigeria had no input whatsoever in that document, and it is therefore not fit to be acceptable as a Constitution in a democratic setting.

The problems at hand that need to be solved right now include:   The Constitution is fake,  the politicians are morally bankrupt, and the Southeast is perpetually marginalized.  The question is where do we start from.

Muhammadu Buhari

One of the aspirants in a show of shame while declaring his intention to run for President said to Muhammadu Buhari, who is the leader of their party, All Progressive Congress (APC) on the tenth of January 2022 and I quote::  “I have been the kingmaker all my life and now I want to be king.”  This saying, apart from being ridiculous, is also blasphemous.  Who makes kings apart from God?  Go tell it to the fox that his statement has challenged God, who is the only authentic kingmaker.  To this end, the result is delivered even before the actual race for 2023 commences.  No one competes with God and remains competent.

Going forward, if the Constitution cannot be worked on right now, even when there are options one of which is to revisit the documents produced from the 2014 National Conference, the only available way to go under if we cannot go over, is to zone the Presidency intentionally and deliberately to the Southeast.  

When we cry, we still see with our eyes.  To the youths of Nigeria, the same wisdom that was employed and applied during the End SARS protests is once again needed at this time.  You can hold the country to ransom without lifting up a stick by connecting with the reality of the supernatural where a stick made an iron, which is the ax head that fell into the river, to float.  You have powers at your disposal and that power is knowledge, and that will require only wisdom to direct.  

Deem it fit to team up with the civil society organizations and other well-meaning Nigerians with platforms such as the Rescue the Soul of Nigeria movement. This opportunity must not sleep.  You cannot afford to miss it, for a miss will mean to you a mile.

On a final note, I don’t want to be seen as a prophet of doom, but believe me sincerely, if things are allowed to go the way they are going, there will be no country called Nigeria after 2023.  This is because the people will have been pushed to the wall and will have no choice than to revolt. To President Muhammadu Buhari, who has failed woefully with no defense other than excuses, there is this path and the only way out for you to have just a legacy that will resonate with well-meaning Nigerians and posterity, and that only opportunity is to allow a President of an Igbo extraction to succeed you.  That is wisdom and not common sense.

Sitting down and praying to God for a change  without an action to back it up is insanity, for it is time to make an offense your defense.

Samuel Adeyanju

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