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Head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has offered eight children of migrants a ride on the pope mobile.

The children, who are offspring of the recent Migrants from war-torn Libya to Italy, toured Saint Peter’s Square with the Catholic Pope on Wednesday in his white open-topped jeep.

Vanguard reports that the event is taking place days ahead of Francis’ weekly audience with the faithful.

The kids, however, gave the Pope a giant red heart-shaped banner with their signatures and a message inscription that read, “Thank you Pope Francis.’’

Vatican spokesman, Alessandro Gisotti posted the event and picture on tweeter.

Gisotti in a statement said, “Some of the children were flown to Italy in late April via a `humanitarian corridor’ backed by the Italian Interior Ministry. Others arrived via migrant boat a few months ago.’’

He added that children from Syria, Nigeria and Congo, were hosted in a Catholic shelter near Rome and carter for by a private charity.


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